It was on a random evening in October 2017, when our founder, Herc, had the brilliant idea for Celebrity Guest Tape. “Wouldn’t it be cool to interview a celebrity while they’re actually watching a live sex show?”

Without even knowing where to start, Herc began his journey.

For starters, he scoured social media for influencers with significant followings and started initiating contact. As expected, the majority of these influencers were blown away by the concept, yet they were reluctant to commit.

Herc refused to be dissuaded— our man was on a mission!

Finally, he booked his first guest and in June 2018, he and his team filmed the inaugural Guest Tape with the lovely Ms Lissa Aires.

Celebrity Guest Tape is everything you will ever want from an erotic fantasy. Our goal is to continually provide you with the most electrifying and riveting content from your favorite influencers.

Join us.. and experience the ride for yourself!